Waiting Periods

Benefits Member Status Waiting Period
General Practitioner Consultation New Member 3 Months
Specialist Consultation New Member 6 Months
Hospitalisation New Member 6 Months
MRI & CT Scans New Member 6 Months
Pre -existing Chronic Condition Drugs New Member 6 Months
HIV Treatment New Member 12 Months
Optical Benefit New Member 12 Months
Dental New Member 12 Months
Elective Surgery New Member 12 Months
Fertility Treatment & IVF New Member 12 Months
Wellness Benefit New Member 12 Months
Maternity New Member 9 Months
Foreign Treatment – Specialist referred New Member 12 Months
Up Grading Plan Existing Member 6Month- on existing plan before -Moving to new benefit
Down Grading Existing Member 12 months before to new benefit
Chemotherapy & Radiotherapy New Member 24 Months
Prosthetic Appliances & Implants New Member 24 Months
Orthodontic Treatment New Member 24 Months – Life time limit
Haemodialysis Treatment New Member 24 Months