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Pro Health has a plan to suit every lifestyle and pocket. At the primary level our members can access private gp’s and acute medication through out Pro Health provider network. Wellness checks and weight management clinics are offered through the primary healthcare network. All our premium plans offer specialist care and hospitalisation at private hospitals throughout Zimbabwe. Accomodation will depend on the plan, those on the Executive Plan have access to single room accommodation at grade A hospitals.

Foreign Treatment is subject to referral by a local specialist and the benefit includes an air ticket for the member and an accompanying relative.

The following ADD ON options are available for our clients:

  1. Maternity
  2. Comprehensive Chronic Benefit
  3. Orthodontic
  4. Bariatric Surgery
  5. Cosmetic surgery
  6. Cosmetic dentistry
  7. Infertility Treatment
  8. Funeral
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