Home Care Support

Pro Health understands that as we grow older, the familiarity of home is a comfort.

Whilst targeting our senior citizens it is not limited to this age group, we understand that other patients may require home based care. Accident victims, c-section mothers requiring medical assistance and any recovering patients may need this service. 

Through our consultation services we provide information on providing quality care in an environment that is both comfortable and conducive to recovery for the beneficiary.

We provide assistance in the provision of Nurse Aides, equipment and sundries, as well as inclusive education on how to handle individual cases.

 Nurse Aides are independent of Pro Health but subject to rigorous screening.

Pro Health has identified a need as many Zimbabweans who require these services do not know where to access them and have no recourse for sub standard provision of services. 

Our consultations include details such as meal schedules based on needs at an identified cost ensuring nutritious, balanced meals.