About Pro Health

Pro Health is a Medical Aid Society that offers a new approach to healthcare, with the focus on wellness through preventative rather than curative medicine. 

All our packages offer private access to GP Services and Acute Drugs for day to day ailments through our carefully selected Service Provider Network Across Zimbabwe. All our individual and family plans come with inbuilt $6000 (adult) and $3000(child) Hospital Cash Back at no additional cost. 

Our Pro Family Plans are discounted and families share the global limit. At Pro Health Age is just a number, we have no age limit. Our Pro Senior Plans are designed to cater for those over 55 years of age. All Pro Senior Plans come with Chronic Drug Cover at no additional cost and members get a free wellness check on joining. Pro Health also offers Optional Add-ons which members can select to increase their cover. These include the following:
  • Up to $25000 Shortfall Cover
  • Up to $20000 Individual or $50000 Family Treatment in India Cover
  • Chronic Drug Cover
  • Up to $5000 Funeral Cover
Pro Health