About Pro Health

Our main objective is the provision of affordable, practical healthcare solutions for all Zimbabweans. 

The focus is on healthcare for seniors and those without access to basic primary and secondary care.

“The focus is on a proactive and preventative initiative to medical solutions as opposed to a reactive and limited approach”

A paradigm shift is required wherein there is holistic approach to wellness.


The aim is to use economy of scale models which reduce unit costs by having larger numbers of beneficiaries paying affordable premiums.

Service providers and medical practitioners would still have acceptable margins but these would be as a result of volume rather than markup percentages.

Reduction of hospitalization would result in further savings in both time and money which could be redirected to provision of quality and mitigate fatigue in our medical sector.

 This is crucial, especially on the back of a global pandemic which has taken a huge toll on medical services.

Payment Options


Account name                                           Pro Health medical aid society

Bank                                                                Ecobank

Branch                                                          Graniteside

Code                                                                26000

Account number                                     5754900002700


Account name                                          Pro Health medical aid society

Bank                                                              cbz

Branch                                                         Nkwame Nkurumah

Code                                                               6101

Account number                                    01124306110017

ZB Bank

Account name                                          Pro Health medical aid society

Bank                                                              ZB

Branch                                                        Avondale

Account number                                   4113165897201

Banc ABC

Account name                                          Pro Health medical aid society [USD ACCOUNT] 

Bank                                                               Banc ABC

Branch                                                          Graniteside

Account number                                    13173776660027


             Ecocash Billercode


                        Account Number: Membership Number. eg PSEN00000918

In the case that you do no know or remember your account number please confirm with the medical aid or write four zero’s and your surname eg 0000Katsande.